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Font Manager with all main features necessary for everyday activities
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8 December 2009

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Font Manager with all main features necessary for everyday activities; simultaneously view all fonts installed, install/uninstall, uninstall all fonts not supplied with Windows, print list with font samples (installed or uninstalled).

Pros: Font Manager helps you manage fonts to be used in your machine. You are able to see all the fonts that are installed currently on the machine. Each font is shown with a complete line example of "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" that shows all the characters in the example font. There are several such lines of text that can be used as an example. You are able to clearly see the effect your choice of a font has on your text. To help you decide the effect further you can also see the effect of bold, italic and underlined characters in the same font. Once you have selected a font you need to select the size, style and color only. You are thus able to arrive at the optimal effect after checking out the effect of the fonts on the header of a website for example or the effect on the text in a logo that you have designed.

The designers of a particular font, what version is installed, the source etc can be viewed from the program. When uninstalling you cannot uninstall fonts that are necessary for Windows operation as such uninstall is protected. You are able to view folders which may have fonts that are not installed. You can clear the fonts that you do not use otherwise. Uninstall all the fonts that are not used in one click.

Cons: Nothing adverse noticed.

Overall: This is an application that is easy to use. Overall it is rated at 4 stars.

Publisher's description

You can quickly choose a font among all installed fonts because now you do not have to click each font file - you see all font types at once in one list.

You can select the font for your current work making the font types being displayed as close to it as possible. Just select the size, style and color of the font you need.

It is really convenient to see the text you need, for example, the header of a site or the text of a logo written with all font types instead of the standard text “ABC 123”.

Fonts containing images are no longer a mystery for you. You can view any character in a font in the full-screen mode.

You can find out what fonts contain the Unicode subrange you need.

You can take a close look at all characters in a font without looking at empty items.

You can select any character and insert it in your document.

Who designed the font, which version is it, what is the URL of the author's site, how is the font distributed? You can learn this and a lot of other useful information about each font.

Any folder with fonts that are not installed is no longer covered with a veil of mystery. You can view any fonts that are not installed.

While viewing fonts that are not installed, you can install or uninstall any of them.

Print out samples of fonts that are not installed and always know what fonts you have in store.

Free your computer from fonts that you do not use, uninstall them.

You can uninstall fonts without having to worry that you may uninstall some fonts that come together with Windows. The program will not allow you to uninstall them.

You can uninstall all fonts that do not come together with Windows in one click!

You can back up the files of the selected fonts or send them by e-mail.
Font Manager
Font Manager
Version 3.59
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